Wednesday, 15 January 2020

Did you know?

That the ATLAS is the most important bone in the entire body, animal & human?
Did you know that it protects the spinal cord & brain functions; the balance of the entire body & the nervous system is dependent on it being correctly positioned. Balance, TMJ issues, fatigue, headaches, back issues, sinus, bad posture, head shaking in horses and gait issues are just a few of the issues that  could point to the Atlas been misaligned.
The balancing, realignment & repositioning of the Atlas vertebra helps the body, both in man & animal, to find its natural state of equilibrium, & allows the body’s natural powers of self-healing & regeneration to become fully active
So how can we realign the Atlas in the event of misalignment? Its realignment has been achieved mainly with the use of sound codes. I had my Atlas done several years back by this method in New Zealand.
However over the last year or so, we have found that working distantly, (in remote healing session) working mainly horses who experience a high level of misalignments, that we can also now realign the Atlas  with vibration of energy in a simple session. This can be done to humans & other animals as well, anywhere in the World.

Tuesday, 7 January 2020

Hey - check out our new Video - finally done!!

A great start to 2020 for Energy Works! We have FINALLY got our act together and done our first video!!!!
It has been a long time coming really.
Here at Energy Works I am  well known for been a bit weird and wonderful really, ;-) and  famous for creating my own bit of magic with the healing work I do.
I don't believe in been boxed in with 'labels' and following trends.
I like working free spirited and just going where the clients energy takes us both - animal and human!

So check it out and pass it around - time for the weirdness to be set free :-D

Thank you

Sunday, 16 September 2018

Let them take the lead in their Healing
Spending time with the Herd 
The herd are a group of Polo ponies that I regularly work distant healing with in the Hawkes Bay of New Zealand.

I have been doing some travel lately, and one trip was to visit with my most regular and special clients; the horse herd in Havelock North.
     I work distantly on a regular basis with the herd and this is my second physical visit with them onsite.
    On my first visit,  I was met by the then, head male horse, and checked out and greeted. Once he had had enough of me, then I was escorted down to the rest of the herd.
     I was then greet by the head mare,  what I refer to as the Matriarch of the herd regardless of her young age. The  horses that I had worked with in the past, came to me one by one, to make contact, under the Matriarchs approving eye.
     For me , this was such a fantastic confirmation that these horses recognised me (my energy signature) from my time spent with them in their healing sessions.
     So on my second visit, I was very keen to see what  would take place this time.
This recent visit last week was very similar.
     This time the matriarch of the herd met with me, along with her Mother, and coveted my time and space for pretty much all of my visit. 
     After much smooching and face plants onto my face and lips,as well as energy exchanges in breath, I started to offer her energy.
     What I found interesting  is that she only allowed me to offer her energy via her head/face/brow/crown area. If I went to another part of her body, she instantly moved to offer me just her head and face again.
So I let her call the shots and did what she wanted. Meanwhile her Mum was close by also tapping into the energy (as was their person too - although she didn't realise it until later on  though that she too  had had a good dose of healing as well!! #healingforeveryone.
     After a long while, we then noticed that all of the other horses that were further away, were all standing in a line with their rumps facing us. Even the sheep was standing still in a doze.
     We then realised that even though we were a distance from them all - they were all hooking into what I was offering the head mare - so through her I was giving a 'Group session'. Obviously her full intent I believe.
     After she was finished she started to get a bit cheeky and fidgety and pushing me around a bit as her person and I spoke of various things that you do when you are enjoying the moment.  As her personality was one of cheekiness anyway, we didnt think too much into this. 
     On leaving the paddock, or trying to leave, she blocked my way up by the gates with a full body block. When I tried to go around her, her Mother came in and also blocked the way. Moments passed by trying to work out what was going on with them both - most unlike them.
     Only then did we notice one of the other horses had come up to the area. Finally - this blonde (me!) clicked as to what was going on.
She was orchestrating for me to give this beautiful boy some one on one healing as well. Which I did. He presented me with his head and away we went.
     Again, he would not allow me to move to his body at all - only his head like she did.
After several minutes of energy channeling, there was a very loud 'click' somewhere in his lower neck/back. And it was loud!!! His person and I  just turned and looked at each other with our mouths hanging open.
I continued to offer him energy before moving on, which I was  then allowed to do.
     The next day, it was reported back to me that they were all in 'chillzone' after their session  Passive droopy eye lids were a common sight. (yes - even the  sheep was partly comatose still)

 The moral of this story is that we often think we know better, or we know what to do and this has been the way we were taught or shown. Or it is just the way we choose to work.
We often can have preconceived ideas of how we will conduct a healing session. 
     However, this was a fabulous reminder that we just need to just calm our minds and allow the client to show us what they want, and not what we think they want. And by allowing this healing work to take place her way, the energy was then passed onto the rest of the nearby herd as well.
     We may not understand their reasoning to what they want. However, we need to trust the process and be open to just go with the flow. Simple as that!!!
     We need to listen to them , to give them credit, and allow them free speech in their communication of their needs, rather than what we 'think' their needs are.
This applies to all of our animals (humans as well)

Take that time to just be open and listen to them. If we listen with our heart them we will hear them.
It doesn't have to make sense to you as it is not about you at all.
     Learn to recognise their voice - they speak so often, and many a time we jus  do not listen or respect their needs.
Make changes now and watch the real miracle of connection form between you and your animals.❤️
I thank the horse herd for all that it has shared with me and all that it has taught me over the years of working with them.
I thank RH for allowing me to connect with her family of horses and dogs ( and sheep)
Ever grateful 

Saturday, 18 August 2018

So what is Your cats Agenda?

 Do you really know your cat companion? What do you see when you look at your cat? Contentment? A spoilt fur ball? A manipulator? A living cuddly with fur? A free spirit? Cats come into this World with their own Agenda – which we often, as humans, do not understand. In our lifetime we may be lucky enough to be privy to what it is; if not, we will surely be part of it! I do believe that in most cases, our animals choose us. They may walk into our lives, and some will chose to just walk right out again – much to our sadness and confusion. What did we do? Was Puss unhappy? It is not really about us, it is about them. Their Agenda. We cannot put our emotions onto our cats. They have their own emotional level which is very different from ours. They will choose who they love, who they wish to Teach, who they will assist with Healing & Growth. Cats can also reflect back to us too, our own emotional crisis. They can often try & absorb our emotional stress; our illness, our dis-ease in some cases. They do this by free choice; their way of trying to help their people. Sometimes to their own detriment, but that is their choice – as Cat! Unlike dogs, our cats are not a pack animal, and are often seen by us as loners, not needing anyone, capable of making their own decisions perhaps? They are not that isolated in reality. Cats actually do want to be with us, they are not loners as such, they are just individual beings and  we need to respect that. They want companionship, love; but more on their terms – for they are Cat! I have found that the cats that I have worked with in my Healing work can be here for our evolution & healing. Many are our Teachers, like my own beautiful boy, a very wise old Soul. Many are here to show us how to love, how to nurture, how to open our heart centres. Some cats are here to teach us patience, understanding. Some are here for their own growth and experience, something that we may have chosen to help them with before incarnating! They offer unconditional love, although some of their Guardians may dispute this. Their love is not quite like ours; they love in a cat’s way. For they are Cat are they not?
They can assist us with our growth and healing, they can also be here for their own experiences and lessons as well.
So perhaps we could allow our cats to be.....Cats?  Perhaps we could respect cats as Cats?  And not as little humans in fur?
Perhaps we could step back and allow our cats to have their own Agenda – and give them the love, & respect that all living creatures deserve. For after all, do they not carry the essence of God too?

Saturday, 14 July 2018

"The Cells in your body react to everything your mind says..........."

At this time of the year, (winter in NZ) it is important to keep healthy and nurture that immune system. Stress is the biggest factor in bringing the health of our immune system down. Help reduce your stress with a healthy lifestyle, good food, rest and continue to drink a  lot of water; ideally slightly warm if possible so that your kidneys do not over stress. AND - continue to monitor a positive mind with positive thoughts. Thoughts are energy too so positivity in thought = positive energy =   positivity of mind  = positivity of health . And don't forget those little adrenals plugging away silently in the back ground.   Good mental health = good adrenal health = good overall health!

Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Let them be your Teacher

You have to hand it to animals - they know when something is good for them!!
Had a phone call from a client who had ordered a Personal Vibrational blend for her horse.
She had started giving her horse his blend and noticed a huge change in him overnight. He was much calmer and even managed to sleep during the day (now letting go of deep fears so he can trust himself to sleep again)
She noted that several times when she was with him, that he sought out the bottle in her pocket and tried to get at it. He seemed very eager to get at it anyway he could.
So the question to me was 'is this ok for him to have it when he wants it?'.
My answer was YES!
This horse had felt the changes in himself enough to recognise that it came from that bottle she was carrying in her pocket. And of course he wanted more so that he could move forward into a more peaceful way of life without the fear.
He could sense the vibration of the blend when it came into his energy and he wanted it! That simple!!
Animals live in a World of energy and vibration. They see and feel things that we have little or no concept about.
We, as humans, tend to think that if you cannot see it - if it is not physical then it isn't there - doesnt exist.
Again - listen to your animal; connect with it and really listen and it will tell you what it wants and what it needs from you
Let them be YOUR Teacher.

Tuesday, 19 June 2018

"Silence is healing also - learn to be silent sometimes"

In the 'busyness' of our lives, silence is becoming a rarity.
Yet it is something very powerful and healing.
To have balance in our lives we need a certain level of silence as well. Not just the silence of sleeping, but the quietness and stillness of our minds and environments.
One doesn't have to go into meditation mode, although even just 5 minutes silence can bring in the effect of meditation.
To achieve silence should not be made difficult.
Silence can be the absence of noise, or  just the absence of 'busyness' in our heads.
Sitting quietly just looking out of the window while on a bus, or at home; from the aircraft window. Silence can be found even in a busy place.
Silence is that special place that we can all find, and visit often.
Find out what works for you and try and schedule in at least several little 'Silence' visits each day.